PostgreSQL Foreign Data Wrapper for SPARQL released

Released a new version of the PostgreSQL FDW for SPARQL

Published on August 05, 2022 by Stefanie Janine Stölting

PostgreSQL SPARQL Foreign data wrapper sparql_fdw multicorn multicorn2

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sparql_fdw Released

The sparql_fdw is a foreign data wrapper to connect to query web databases with the SPARQL protocol from inside PostgreSQL written in Python.

I met the guy who originally developed this foreign data wrapper at the pgDay Paris 2019, where I gave a talk about foreing data wrapper. He gave me the link to it and I tried to bring it to work.
So far there has only been the initial commit in the original repository.

As Multicorn seems to be abandoned, the extension did not work anymore with PostgreSQL 14. But there is a Multicorn2 extension available, which is maintained be good people from the PostgreSQL universe.
Switching over to Multicorn2 solved the issues and the extension does what it’s supposed to do.

In addition I rewrote the documentation to make some stuff a bit more clear to the users, especially the installation part.

Changes are not merged into the original repository, but there is, again, an open merge request.

Author: Stefanie Janine Stölting