pgsql_tweaks 0.10.0 released

pgsql_tweaks is a bundle of functions and views for PostgreSQL

Published on August 15, 2022 by Stefanie Janine Stölting

PostgreSQL Extension pgsql_tweaks

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pgsql_tweaks is a bundle of functions and views for PostgreSQL

The soucre code is available on GitLab, a mirror is hosted on GitHub.
One could install the whole package, or just copy what is needed from the source code.

The extension is also available on PGXN.

General changes

In this release some checks for not supported PostgreSQL versions have been removed.

In addition there are now paths for the version and test files generated for the releases. This puts them out of the path of the files containing the functions and views.

View pg_foreign_keys

In a PostgreSQL related group a question about indexes on foreign keys came up.
The package already contained a view with information about foreign keys, but it did not include a check, whether there is an index created. That has been changed now. I’ve added a column “is_indexed”.

Some other colums have been added too, here:

  • constraint_name
  • initially_deferred
  • enforced

An example is available in the documentation, or take alook at the source code of the view.

The examples, that are used in the documentation, are only tested against the latest PostgreSQL version.

Author: Stefanie Janine Stölting