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Published on October 04, 2022 by Stefanie Janine Stölting

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There are tons of blogs about PostgreSQL available on the web, including this one. There are some good opportunities, where you can learn PostgreSQL as a developer or DBA, but a good starting point is always the original PostgreSQL Documentation.

If you are not sure about something, for example the parameters of a function, or tools like psql, the documentation almost always has the answer.

Available For Free

There are some websites available, where you can learn PostgreSQL for free. There is a list available on postgresql.org.

PostgreSQL Tutorial

It’s perfect to either, walk through the lessons one by one, or just learn something, that you needs right now.

Everything there is shown and explained with examples.

Crunchy Data Learning Portal

This is done by Crunchy Data, one of the bigger players in the PostgreSQL ecosystem.

It is not just another tutorial, it is a PostgreSQL shell in a browser. You will learn by following the tutorial and by testing everything right in a web-browser, solving the problem, to first install PostgreSQL somewhere local.

Online Courses


At Udemy you pay for video courses, some of them are really good. If your employer does not already have an account at Udemy enabling you to learn for free, they have special offers very regularly.

Here is a list of PostgreSQL courses at Udemy.


There are some really good books around PostgreSQL on the market. An overview of books can be found on postgresql.org.
When I am giving trainings, the following ones are always on my list.

PostgreSQL: Up and Running: A Practical Guide to the Advanced Open Source Database

Even if it is not covering actual PosgreSQL versions, PostgreSQL: Up and Running book by Regina Obe and Leo Hsu is still a very good book for beginners. It is already the third edition.
Regina Obe is also very well known in the PostgreSQL community for her engagement into PostGIS.

PostgreSQL 14 Administration Cookbook

PostgreSQL 14 Administration Cookbook by Simon Riggs and Gianny Ciolly, both very well known persons in the PostgreSQL community, is offering several good recipes, that can be used without hesitation.
This is the latest version of the cookbook, new versions are usually published some time after new PostgreSQL versions have been released.

The Art of PostgreSQL

In contrast to the other two books, The Art of PostgreSQL by Dimitri Fontaine covers the needs of developers with a lot of practical solutions in SQL. The author is also very well known in the PostgreSQL community.

A Curious Moon

Learn to handle query data with A Curious Moon by Rob Conery. This is not directly about PostgreSQL, but it uses it throughout showing you, how to work with data using SQL.

Chat Groups / IRC

There are some resources, where you might get a good support, if you stumble upon any problems.


PostgreSQL (English)



PostgreSQL on Slack


PostgreSQL IRC

Author: Stefanie Janine Stölting